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Used car dealers continue to sell vehicles with safety defects

Your trusted local auto dealership would never sell you a used vehicle that employees knew had a hidden defect and was subject to a safety recall, right?

Aren't there federal and state laws that prohibit that?

Key workers, new employment: Will there be post-departure issues?

We duly note at the proven Connecticut business law firm of Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller & Shah, LLP, in Middlesex, that many of our attorneys began their careers in the labor-law field and "are experienced with the full gamut of labor and employment matters."

One relevant sphere of that legal realm relates centrally to issues that can arise when a so-called "key" worker terminates employment with a firm to continue his or her career elsewhere.

Unenviable position for Equifax: Info-breach lawsuits mounting

Equifax executives are unquestionably sweating.

And that they are is flatly understandable, given -- as noted in one national media piece -- the credit reporting entity's "disclosure of a cyberbreach that compromised personal data for nearly half the nation's population."

FDA: Warning letter to Pfizer re EpiPen cites laxity

As revealed in a recent Bloomberg article, there is a stark difference of opinion between health regulators at the U.S Food and Drug Administration and Pfizer, a global pharmaceutical company, regarding one of the latter's product offerings.

Namely, that is EpiPen, an automatic-injecting product that patients use when heightened allergy symptoms suddenly turn threatening.

Employers' casual reliance on background checks: not a good idea

If you're a Connecticut employer poised to respond to the results of a would-be employee's background check that reveals a past criminal conviction, there's no problem in simply stamping a "reject" rejoinder on his or her job application, right?

Or wrong?

Please dim those lights: national bank under a withering glare

When asked to name a financial institution that has had a flatly awful past year from a publicity and consumer trust standpoint, it wouldn't be too surprising to see a poll of respondents come up with Wells Fargo, would it?

The adverse attention that has focused -- and continues to focus -- unwaveringly on the bank is something that Wells Fargo officials continue to flail against and apologize for.

Jury unsympathetic to Johnson & Johnson in product liability case

If the proverbial writing is on the wall for consumer product giant Johnson & Johnson, it doesn't paint a very rosy picture.

In fact, it sketches a dismal portrayal for the company going forward, at least in terms of the role it plays as defendant in many thousands of product liability lawsuits filed by women across the country with cancer.

Securities fraud: here's a creative scheme targeting investors

The following narrative in today's blog post flatly underscores that scammers in the securities realm will go to virtually any length to lighten the wallets of the investing public.

And the fraudulent schemes they come up with are limited only by their imaginations.

German automakers under siege in U.S. courts, Part 2

The "Circle of Five" is a catchy sounding string of words, something that might aptly go with an intrigue-driven movie thriller or spy novel.

The "Circle of Doom" seems just as appropriate a title for similar purposes, though, and in fact would command utility for a group of actors outside the entertainment industry who are presently dealing with a quite dramatic reality themselves.