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U.S. Title Guaranty Company

Class Action Lawsuit Against U.S. Title Guaranty Company Settled

Summary of Case and Settlement: SFMS has obtained preliminary approval of a class action against U.S. Title Guaranty Company (“U.S. Title”) in Circuit Court of St. Louis City, Missouri, alleging that U.S. Title collected certain fees at settlements from consumers and did not always perform the corresponding service, in violation of Missouri law. Under the terms of the settlement, all class members from whom fees were collected and no service was performed are eligible to receive a full refund of the fees collected. In addition, U.S. Title has modified its practice with respect to the imposition, collection and disposition of the fees at issue.  
On October 15, 2010, The Honorable David L. Dowd of the Circuit Court of St. Louis City, Missouri, entered an Order granting, among other things, preliminary approval of the settlement of this class action suit (the “Preliminary Approval Order”).  
The Preliminary Approval Order provides for notice of the proposed settlement to potential members of this class by requiring the publication of a class notice (which provides general information regarding the proposed settlement). In addition, the parties’ Settlement Agreement provides even more detail about the terms of the proposed settlement of this class action suit. Finally, if you would like to review or complete a Claim Form that must be completed and submitted in compliance with the accompanying instructions, please contact us.  
If you have any questions regarding this case or the parties’ settlement, you should contact the settlement administrator at More information on the settlement may be obtained by visiting or by calling 1-866-233-5699.

Settlement Information

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