Attorney Whistleblower Case Dismissed

As discussed in a previous SFMS blog, whistleblowers can be employees, suppliers, contractors, clients, or any individual who becomes aware of illegal activities – including attorneys. Although whistleblowers are often incentivized to come forward with information about legal violations, attorneys should be aware of specific restrictions before blowing the whistle. Recently, New York State Judge Joan A. Madden dismissed a case because the whistleblower, who was an attorney, broke ethics rules.

David Danon (“Danon”), a former tax attorney for Vanguard Group Inc. (“Vanguard”), filed a suit alleging that Vanguard avoided more than $1 billion in federal taxes and $20 million in New York taxes through price manipulation. Vanguard allegedly charged artificially low prices to its related funds for investment management and administrative services to avoid paying federal and state income taxes on the profits, violating the federal tax code and the laws of a number of jurisdictions. Danon also claimed that Vanguard knowingly filed false New York tax returns to disguise its practices and that it did not meet its payroll withholding obligations.

However, according to New York attorney ethics code, a company’s former counsel is prohibited from disclosing the company’s confidential information. Danon argued that the “crime-fraud exception” allows attorneys to reveal confidential information to prevent clients from committing a crime. He also alerted the Internal Revenue Service and the Securities and Exchange Commission three months before filing the suit. Nonetheless, Judge Madden was not convinced and dismissed the alleged violations because the extent of the disclosure of Vanguard’s information was broader than necessary to stop the violations.

The Judge noted in her order that the dismissal does not bar state authorities from investigating the claims concerning Vanguard’s tax practices.

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Koh, Eric. “Vanguard Tax Fraud Suit Axed Over Attorney Ethics Breach.” Law360. Last modified on November 18, 2015.

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