High School Concussion Victims To Seek Class-Action Status

The continuing focus and research pertaining to the risks and long-term effects of brain injuries in professional athletes, also extends to sports involving elementary and high school students in Connecticut and elsewhere in the country. Many cases delve into the fact that current protective gear for some sports, such as football, isn’t enough. Additionally, adequate warning labels aren’t always contained on helmets, lending to several product liability cases.

In fact, one out-of-state case that involves three high school students is now looking to obtain class-action status regarding the injuries they sustained, as well as how to provide continued education for athletic personnel. The three students are hoping to convince the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) to create a trust fund for past and present athletes who suffer from post-concussion medical issues, in addition to implementing other changes.

Each of the three students continues to struggle with post-concussion medical problems, despite two of them being cleared by medical professionals. The third student was taken to the hospital following a football game. His parents allege that the coaching staff didn’t get involved until they themselves took their son to the hospital for treatment.

While none of the schools were sued, the lawsuit directed at the PIAA states that the organization lacked the proper training and procedures for athletic staff, regarding the correct response for concussions. It is believed that there should have been tests and post-injury monitoring procedures established to ensure that injured students are not prematurely returning to active participation.

As parents, we want our children to be active and engage in the activities they are interested in. However, when the organizations we trust to ensure our kids are safe aren’t doing all they can, problems develop. If you have a student who has been injured in a sports-related accident due to improper or faulty safety equipment, it is important to contact an attorney who understands what options may be available.

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