What to Do if You Receive a Class Action Notice

Class action lawyers provide comprehensive advice when you receive a class action notice.In a class action lawsuit, individuals come together to collectively bring a grievance against a corporation or other entity in lieu of pursuing legal action on their own.  These lawsuits are common in cases involving defective products, securities fraud, corporate misconduct, or environmental damage.  Class action suits give plaintiffs access to resources they may not have had otherwise to recover their losses, but they must be eligible to participate.

A class action lawsuit needs a class – a group of individuals who have faced similar circumstances caused by the defendant.  Classes can vary in size; if thousands of people across the country have been injured by a defective product, they may all be considered members of the class.  Even if only a few of them have been named in the the lawsuit, many others may be eligible to participate in any judgment or settlement.  In order to determine who is eligible, representatives for the class send out a class action notice.

Who Receives a Class Action Notice

A class action notice may come as a surprise to someone who did not realize a lawsuit had been filed.  Attorneys for the class obtain potential class members’ contact information through several means, including discovery phase of litigation and send out notices via mail or email; they may also place advertisements in publications or on television aimed at potential class members whose contact information is not available.  The notice should include all the relevant information to the case so that recipients can determine whether they qualify to participate as a class member.

Once the parameters of the class have been decided by the Court and the class has been certified, notices can be sent.  In most instances, everyone who meets the criteria will automatically be “opted in” as a member of the class.

People who receive a class action notice are not required to join the class.  All members of the class are bound by whatever decision is reached in a class action lawsuit, which may not be favorable to them.  Class members have the option of “opting out” of a class action lawsuit.  Opting out of the lawsuit allows those former class members to pursue legal action on their own, if they so choose.

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