ILR Credit Internship

Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller & Shah LLP (“SFMS”) is a sponsoring firm in the Industrial and Labor Relations School’s Credit Internship Program at Cornell University. This partnership was created by SFMS Partner, James E. Miller, who is a Cornell ILR alum himself. As one of the program’s best law firm internships, SFMS offers a paid opportunity for students to work closely on the firm’s labor and employment practices with Attorney Miller and other professionals at the SFMS.

Specifically, interns focus on assisting with prosecuting several cutting-edge ERISA class actions that SFMS is handling on behalf of Taft-Hartley funds and related entities, which challenge certain practices in the defined contribution retirement industry. In that role, interns become familiar with the manner in which the defined contribution retirement industry is structured, as well as learning about the economics of this industry. In such work, the intern is exposed to regulatory reform initiatives (both successful and unsuccessful) in Congress and the Department of Labor. The intern is also provided with the opportunity to assist SFMS in developing and prosecuting certain wage and hour collective actions pending in California, and learn about the firm’s whistleblower practice under the False Claims Act, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act and under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Finally, the intern is exposed to SFMS’s traditional labor practice — on both the management and employee/union side — on select items arising during the internship, including any NLRB, DOL or other proceedings.

During the internship, students are also exposed to the Firm’s many other litigation practice areas, such as securities regulation and consumer protection. Former students of this program have attended court hearings, depositions and participated in mediations, along with gaining firsthand experience in litigation preparation. In sum, the internship provides individuals with the opportunity to gain significant exposure to a sophisticated and broad ranging practice in the field of labor and employment litigation and regulation.

Cornell ILR Alumni List

  • Alec Berin – Cornell University Class of 2015. Alec was an ILR Credit Intern for SFMS for the 2014 spring semester. He returned to the Firm as a Project Analyst after graduating Cornell, and again as a Summer Associate the summer of 2017. He currently attends George Washington University Law School as a 2L where he is a member of the George Washington University International Law Review, a research associate with the Center for Law, Economics & Finance, and was selected to the Alternative Dispute Resolution Honor Board for his performance in an arbitration competition.
  • Nicolas Lussier – Cornell University Class of 2016. Nick started as an ILR Credit Intern for SFMS during the 2015 spring semester. After graduating Cornell, he resumed working for the Firm as a Project Analyst and plans to attend law school in 2019.
  • Michael Major – Cornell University Class of 2017. Michael worked for SFMS as a Project Analyst after graduation.
  • Damian O’Sullivan – Cornell University Class of 2017. Damian was an ILR Credit Intern at SFMS during the 2016 spring semester. He returned to work at SFMS for the summer of 2017 before starting his legal education at University of Pennsylvania Law School.
  • Michael Ols – Cornell University Class of 2014. During the 2013 spring semester, Michael was an ILR Credit Intern for SFMS. He returned to SFMS in 2015 to work for a year before attending Notre Dame Law School, where he has come back as a Summer Associate for the summers of 2016 and 2017. After graduating from Notre Dame Law School, where he was the Executive Editor of the Journal of Law, Ethics, and Public Policy, Michael now works for SFMS as an Associate Attorney and recently passed the Pennsylvania Bar Exam.
  • John Roberts – Cornell University Class of 2016. John started with SFMS in the summer of 2015 and resumed working at the Firm for the summer of 2016 before attending George Washington University Law School. After his first year, he returned to SFMS as a Summer Associate in 2017. As a 2L, he is a member of the Federal Communications Law Journal and the Labor and Employment Law Society.
  • Casey Yamasaki – Cornell University Class of 2016. For the 2015 fall semester, Casey was an ILR Credit Intern for SFMS. After graduating Cornell, she worked as a Project Analyst at the Firm for a year before attending the University Of Washington School Of Law as a Gregoire Fellow.