Increasingly, businesses and individuals are turning to mediation, even in complex legal disputes, as a cost-effective alternative to courtroom litigation. In many circumstances, Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller & Shah, LLP (SFMS) encourages mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution before resorting to the courts.

Our firm counsels clients in mediation of disputes, and also provides mediator services as the neutral third party that can help the parties find common ground and avoid litigation. Our mediation practice is led by attorney James E. Miller, who is licensed to practice law in Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California. With multiple offices around the United States, we can arrange or mediate ADR sessions in many jurisdictions throughout the county, including mediation of claims and lawsuits filed in federal courts.

Counsel To Clients In Mediation · Neutral Mediator Services

Mr. Miller regularly handles mediations of business disputes, consumer and employment class actions and many other legal matters. He can customize mediation to the matter at hand, such as involvement of tax professionals, financial advisors and other professionals, or employ hybrid approaches such as mediation-arbitration (“med-arb”), in which the mediator is empowered to impose a resolution if the parties cannot reach full agreement.

Howard Brown on behalf of HS Brown Limited, part of the Integrated Advisory Group, a worldwide network of law firms and professional firms. These connections enable us to extend mediation and ADR to foreign companies and subsidiaries of U.S. companies that have a vested interest in avoiding litigation.

To discuss our legal services and whether mediation is applicable to your legal matter, contact SFMS to arrange a consultation with an experienced ADR lawyer.