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A look at Finra-overseen securities arbitration

As an investor, how do you resolve a material dispute with your financial adviser and/or securities brokerage? Where do you turn for help if you reasonably suspect that one or more professsionals you justifiably rely upon have defrauded you through illegal behavior?

The offices of an established law firm might logically be your go-to venue for addressing that wrongful conduct and to pursue a meaningful remedy. An experienced legal team of proven securities attorneys can help you determine the optimal forum for deciding a securities-linked dispute.

OSHA to Hold Public Forum Regarding Whistleblowing

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will continue its series of open meetings in which members of the public can provide comments, express concerns and recommend suggestions regarding whistleblower issues. Specifically, OSHA wishes to solicit public opinion on whistleblower regulations in the finance industry within the administration’s jurisdiction.

Making public opinion heard

Hard to top this issue in universe of workplace concerns

It’s like the elephant in the room. In fact, it’s a concern writ large in virtually every American workplace, regardless of type and size.

On-the-job sexual harassment has admittedly and always been an employment-linked concern. And it has been so endemic in the job sphere that it can seem to be an intractable commonplace.

It’s a brave new world for employment agreement poaching clauses

“No more.”

That is the succinct and studied observation delivered in an in-depth media overview of what are commonly called “anti-poaching” clauses that franchisors routinely insert into their employment contracts.

Fraudulent claims land multinational drug company in hot water

The antipsychotic medication Seroquel was once the equivalent of a goldmine for global pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. Reportedly, sales of the drug reached an otherworldly level of $5.3 billion in 2010.

And then earth came calling. When the company’s patent protection rights expired, Seroquel-linked profits fell sharply. In fact, they fell to about $500 million last year. AstraZeneca ended up selling its drug rights to another company this past spring.

Huge award for plaintiff in Monsanto product liability case

If what just happened in a California courtroom is a sign of things to come, executives from the agricultural company Monsanto (acquired recently by pharmaceutical giant Bayer) are sweating proverbial bullets.

Things didn’t turn out as hoped for by company principals in a case that a CNN report termed last week as “groundbreaking.” That case focused on a plaintiff’s successful personal injury challenge in an epic product liability matter that the network states “could set a massive precedent for thousands of other cases against Monsanto.”

Deutsche Bank Agrees to $21.9 Million ERISA Settlement

A class of Deutsche Bank ("Deutsche" or the "Bank") employees has announced a $21.9 million settlement to resolve ERISA claims that Deutsche funneled their retirement savings into expensive and underperforming proprietary funds.

Hitachi Automotive and Mitsubishi Agree to $23 Million Settlement in Multi-District Price-Fixing Litigation

Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd. ("Hitachi") and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation ("Mitsubishi") have agreed to pay a combined sum of more than $23 million to settle claims filed in Michigan federal court alleging that they participated in an extensive, global price-fixing conspiracy involving ignition coils, alternators, and starters.

Bayer’s implant device Essure under a growing storm cloud

There’s kind of a flip side -- both stark and dramatic -- to every stated upside concerning Bayer’s longtime industry-leading birth control implant Essure.

The device garnered formal FDA endorsement back in 2002. Despite approval, though, regulators expressed explicit concerns regarding their lack of basic knowledge about the device. A recent Consumer Affairs article stresses that “they knew little about the long-term side effects” relevant to implant-linked procedures.

BostonCoach to Pay Class of California Chauffeurs More Than $1 Million

U.S. District Judge for the Southern District of California, Dana M. Sabraw, has granted preliminary approval of a $1.05 million settlement to end a lawsuit accusing limousine company, BostonCoach, of denying its chauffeurs rest breaks and overtime pay.