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The slippery slope of workplace harassment begins with defining it

A vendor that regularly visits your company can’t seem to ever leave the premises without first telling a few off-color jokes. A handful of office regulars generally seem to find his puns humorous and a welcome respite to workplace routine. Others are often offended.

An office manager at your business firm routinely schedules performance checkups in his office. Workers dutifully sit before him to discuss work matters, clearly noting each time pinned-up images behind his desk of a sexual nature.

FINRA targets non-attorneys representing clients in arbitration

The Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association has known of a troublesome arbitration-linked fact for some time. So too have proven securities law attorneys who diligently represent clients in private arbitration matters before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

That it this: Material harm has been suffered by many investors over the years who have relied upon so-called “non-attorney representatives” (NARs) to safeguard their rights and promote their interests in Finra’s arbitration forum.

Employers’ progressive disciplinary policies: the written warning

Employers in Connecticut and elsewhere are obviously buoyed by opportunities they timely identify and take advantage of to grow their businesses and prosper over the long term.

At the same time, conscientious commercial managers focus unwaveringly on business challenges that serve as obstacles to company success. Those can beam in from just about anywhere, owing to both extraneous market factors and internal complications.

J&J focused on product liability settlements as huge trial looms

Most of our readers likely surmise that global medical device and consumer-goods manufacturer Johnson & Johnson has deep pockets when it comes to litigation outlays.

A recent number cited in a massive settlement the company has reached with thousands of plaintiffs in product liability litigation certainly provides strong evidence of the company’s brimming coffers.

From alleged software glitch to litigation: bank’s continuing woes

An individual interested in learning more about class action litigation in the realm of consumer protection would be quickly and well served by simply googling this phrase: Wells Fargo and home foreclosure.

Try as it might, the bank just can’t seem to shake off adverse news and publicity for long. Its foreclosure activities in recent years that have suddenly come under a harsh spotlight spell just the latest downside in a series of public-relations nightmares for the national entity.

Are insulin pumps used by diabetics routinely safe or not?

The verbal sparring persists regarding mobile insulin pumps used by high numbers of U.S. consumers. Legions of those individuals are children. Reportedly, about 250,000 adolescents across the country use pumps manufactured by Medtronic Inc., the leading device maker.

Unsurprisingly, Medtronic touts the safety of its product, given its sheer market clout and popularity stamped over many years. Company executives routinely state that users’ reported adverse-use incidents owe to their own ignorance or negligence in using the pumps.

Law enforcers turn up heat on fuel company in fraud case

A company that provides heat to towns, school districts, prisons and other entities was prominently spotlighted recently for its corporate activities and involvement in the communities it serves.

And not in a good way.

Discrimination lawsuit against global financial firm gets bigger

The global financial, tax and money-management advisory firm KPMG justifiably wants to be known for the stellar results it crafts for diverse individual and institutional clients across the world.

Not for this.

SEC’s whistleblower program having marked success

Numbers speak loudly regarding evaluations surrounding the anti-fraud whistleblower program established by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission back in 2011 pursuant to the enactment of the federal Dodd-Frank legislation.

Here’s an example: Whistleblowers coming forward with key tips helping regulators spotlight and punish securities fraud collected more money in the past fiscal year than in all other years combined since the program’s inception.

Clear and present danger: instant soup’s challenges for young kids

Admit it. Even as an adult, you’ve probably been challenged a time or two when dealing with those flimsy plastic or Styrofoam containers that brim with geyser-like hot water and steaming instant noodles.

If you’re familiar with ramen, you know what we’re talking about in today’s blog post. Our proven product liability attorneys at Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller & Shah (with multiple law offices spanning the country) diligently represent personal injury victims calling out deficiencies in all kinds of defective and dangerous products. We know without doubt that instant soup packaging readily qualifies as being high-risk.