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Helping Employees Address Wage and Hour Violations

An employee's wages generally make up a very big part of their financial lifeblood. How much in wages they receive can impact a variety of aspects of their life such as what sorts of expenses they can take on, what sorts of things they are able to do for their family and what sorts of long-term financial goals they can realistically pursue. Thus, one of the things employees generally care greatly about is getting paid fairly for the hard work that they do. Consequently, an employee can feel very troubled when they come across things that make them suspect that their employer may be violating wage and hour laws and not paying employees as much as they should. 

Another thing employees sometimes feel when they have suspicions that their employer is committing wage and hour violations is confusion over what exactly they can do. Federal and state wage and hour laws can be very complex, so it can sometimes be difficult to tell whether a violation has in fact occurred and, if it has, what actions can be taken in response to it.

Our firm understands the complexities of wage and hour law and can help employees who feel that they may have been victims of wage and hour violations, such as minimum wage violations or overtime violations, with looking into things such as whether their employer has been engaging in systemic violations and whether class-action litigation could be pursued over their employer's conduct.

When employees are in a dispute with their employer over alleged systemic wage and hour violations, there are many different ways the dispute could eventually be resolved. Some examples include: a settlement being negotiated, the dispute going through the arbitration process or litigation regarding the dispute, such as class action litigation, going to trial and the trial yielding a decision. Our firm can provide employees who are in wage and hour disputes with their employer with explanations as to what avenues are available to them for trying to resolve the dispute and help with determining which ones would be worthwhile for them to pursue.

For more information on the class action services and other services we provide in relation to wage and hour matters, see our wage and hour law page

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