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Honest Company Called Out For Being Dishonest About Product Ingredient

In recent years, it's been revealed that many of the ingredients that are used to make the foods we eat and the products we use are actually bad for us. As American consumers grow increasingly concerned and aware of the health risks associated with many of the synthetic and artificial chemicals that are used to make our food a certain color and our lotions a certain consistency, many are turning to more natural alternatives.

Statistics show that, in 2011, the natural products industry was already grossing $91 billion dollars. Since that time, there's been increasing pressure on consumer food and product companies to fully disclose information about the ingredients they use and, when possible, to switch to more natural and healthy alternatives.

To feed consumers' hunger for more natural, organic and chemical-free foods and products; an explosion of new companies and products have flooded the marketplace. Among those companies is the Honest Company, which was founded by Hollywood actress Jessica Alba. The Honest Company's array of products are largely geared to parents who are seeking natural alternatives to the traditional and chemical-laden diapers, baby soaps and laundry detergents.

Recently, however, Alba and her company have come under fire after it was revealed in an article by the Wall Street Journal that the company's laundry detergent contains the chemical sodium lauryl sulfate, which is widely known to be harmful. In response, an Illinois woman recently filed a class-action lawsuit against the company "alleging that the company is misleading consumers in the extreme by advertising its products as SLS-free."

Attorneys for the Honest Company vehemently deny any wrongdoing, taking issue with the newspaper's testing methods and insisting that suppliers provided "certifications and validations" related to the ingredients used in their products. We'll continue to follow this developing story and provide additional information if and when the lawsuit grows to include additional parties and claims.

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