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Panoply of Federal, State Laws Address Workplace Discrimination

Imagine a workplace in Connecticut or elsewhere in the United States that is centrally marked by unfairness and arbitrary behavior.

Concededly, not every American worker is enamored of a job or occupation and knows without doubt that his or her workplace could -- indeed, should -- be dramatically improved, but we're talking something beyond that.

We're talking things like employer favoritism in promotion and pay policies; the ridiculing by managers and select employees of workers with distinct characteristics that mark them as "different;" the overt -- and sometime subtle, yet nonetheless obvious -- harassment of some workers owing to their race, religion, disability, gender, age, sexual orientation or other trait/factor.

Thankfully, there are laws that address those workplace wrongs and that provide legal remedies when employees suffer from their occurrence.

And those laws have teeth.

There is absolutely no reason for any American worker who is being victimized by discriminatory behavior at work to silently and passively suffer it owing to a fear of reprisal. A far more purposeful and effective strategy is to contact a proven employment law attorney without delay for guidance and legal advocacy.

As we note in an article discussing illegal employment discrimination on our website at the Connecticut law firm of Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller & Shah, LLP, workers' rights have progressively strengthened over decades.

And so, too, has the realization among conscientious employers that the workplace must be free of discriminatory behavior.

Labor law can be complex and highly nuanced and, as noted above, couple both federal and state policies and enactments. A worker or employer with questions or concerns regarding an employment matter, including a discrimination-based claim, can receive answers and, when necessary, strong representation, from an experienced employment law attorney.

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