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A Nightmare for Connecticut Homeowners: Defective Foundations

Many Connecticut homeowners who likely expected to hear happy sounds emanating from family gatherings, graduations and grandkids years down the road from their property purchase are instead hearing noises of horror coming from the foundations of their homes.

"[A] slow-motion disaster is unfolding" is the way that the nightmarish reality confronting a high number of homeowners across a score of communities in the northeastern part of the state is being described by one media account.

Many affected residents are doubtlessly describing it in other ways, with a special dose of invective being reserved for insurance companies.

And, of course, for a quarry business and concrete maker, given that a compound applied in the concrete mixture used to pour the foundations supporting their homes is now causing those foundations to swell and crack.

This is no writ-small matter. It is estimated that concrete from that single quarry is now rendering thousands of Connecticut foundations problematic as they progressively decay.

And that in turn, states the above-cited media report, has created "a thicket of legal, emotional and financial issues."

One of those issues is obviously this: Who will pay for the damage?

Notably, insurance companies are resisting payment demands, arguing that coverage against foundational failure only applies when collapse is "abrupt."

The matter is indeed dire. Affected homeowners have lodged formal complaints with state bodies, and a class action lawsuit was filed earlier this year that alleges a "concerted scheme" by insurers to deny coverage.

Obtaining a remedy is obviously a critical matter for affected parties. The aforementioned report notes that "many face financial ruin since their homes represent the biggest part of their nest egg."

Governor Dannel P. Malloy has ordered the state's attorney general and the Consumer Protection Department to formally investigate the matter.

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