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Securities Law: a Complex and Wide-Ranging Legal Realm

What might most people reasonably think when they consider securities law and what it encompasses?

Given the sheer breadth and complexity of the subject matter, answers regarding the question will understandably vary.

Some individuals might readily think of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the federal agency that oversees and administers much that relates to securities law regulation and compliance in the United States.

Others might think immediately of corporate governance or litigation involving the issuance of stocks/bonds.

And still others might focus on the malfeasance of a broker or company principal in securities-related matters that involve the public.

All those are indeed central focal areas -- and just a few of many -- pertaining to the wide universe of American securities law. In fact, securities law is a broad amalgam of sometimes distinct yet often connected transactional, regulatory and litigation considerations.

The lawyers at Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller & Shah, LLP, proudly and passionately represent individuals and business clients across every dimension of securities law, submitting in good faith that our firm has singular experience in the practice area. As we note on a page of our website discussing securities law and its broad and complex reach, our lawyers routinely advocate on behalf of diverse clientele "on both sides of investment-related disputes and in regulatory proceedings and investigations before government agencies and industry entities."

And we do so from multiple and established law offices that span the country and that provide client service backed by centuries of collective on-point legal experience commanded by our attorneys.

We welcome readers' close scrutiny of our firm and our attorneys' credentials, as well as the opportunity to respond to your securities-related questions and concerns.

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