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Consumer and business fraud: a large and growing national problem

When it comes to the realm of false advertising and misleading marketing practices, legions of New Yorkers and other consumers across the country can either relate stories regarding the woes of others or tell harrowing tales of their own.

And here's why: By virtually any measuring stick, acts of consumer fraud perpetuated upon the general public are at an all-time high.

Although a recent survey conducted by a consortium of consumer advocates notes the imposter scams "that swept the country in 2015," it additionally notes that fraud committed by myriad types of businesses against customers -- both individual consumers and other businesses -- is wreaking material harm in a progressively expanding way.

According to the survey, deceptive sales practices and defective work done on automobiles and in home repairs are top-tier concerns of American consumers. So, too, are mortgage-related fraud and a host of deceptive behaviors that are rife in the retail industry, such as co-called "bait-and-switch" tactics, shoddy merchandise, promises regarding store gift cards, coupons and rebates that don't pan out, and so forth.

The consumer-protection attorneys at Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller & Shah, LLP, know well the machinations perfected and practiced upon individual consumers and good-faith companies by unscrupulous business actors, as well as behaviors that falsely target businesses in meritless false advertising or other fraud-related litigation.

Indeed, and because we know that both groups need strong legal advocacy, we work diligently on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants, respectively, seeking to achieve an optimal outcome for every client who relies upon our professional acumen and impassioned representation.

Consumer fraud in the form of false advertising and other unlawful behavior is a real problem in New York and nationally. Readers with questions or concerns regarding this subject matter can obtain candid guidance and diligent representation from seasoned attorneys who routinely safeguard clients across the United States against business fraud.

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