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Product liability litigation: What does that entail?

It is easy to see why product liability litigation, when it comes to the fore in Connecticut or elsewhere in the United States, can often be a really big deal.

Here's one reason why: Many products in the marketplace are made in the millions of units. When there is something wrong with their design or manufacture, the potential for them to harm consumers is truly large. Indeed, that is the reason why many product liability lawsuits proceed as class action filings.

And here's another reason: As noted in an online overview of product liability considerations, the subject matter is often "quite complex." The defendants can be multiple, and it can be hard to initially determine where liability resides and under what legal theory (for example, negligence or strict liability) plaintiffs should proceed.

Product liability has risen in importance in the United States commensurate with the commercial development of the country. As the stream of products made available to the public has grown, so too have concerns with wares put on the market that contain inherent defects or dangerous elements that can harm consumers.

When a toy explodes in a child's face, there must be a response that provides that child's family with a meaningful remedy and safeguards the public from a similar outcome being repeated. The same is true in every case featuring a defective or dangerous product, whether it is a corrosive battery, a tool that routinely injures its users, a pharmaceutical that harms rather than heals, an air bag that shoots shrapnel when it explodes or a host of other possibilities.

A product defect can owe to its design, assembly, improper labeling or warning, with liable parties potentially being manufacturers, assemblers and installers, wholesalers and retailers and additional entities.

An experienced personal injury attorney who routinely advocates on behalf of victims in product liability matters and, additionally, has experience in class action filings, can answer questions and provide diligent representation to a plaintiff or plaintiffs in any matter including a dangerous/defective product.

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