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From cellphones to washing machines: product liability woes

Global business giant Samsung has seen better summer-autumn transitions.

In fact, top-tier executives from the Korean company likely wish they could simply hit the reset button on August and September and start their final march to the end of the year all over again.

Exploding smartphones will engender such a desire.

Oh, and ditto washing machine defects reportedly so severe that exploding fragments in one instance ripped holes right through the wall of one house.

That's called product liability, which spells an obvious concern for any commercial enterprise duly fixated on positive public relations and a salutary bottom line.

That concern of course also extends to consumers who justifiably relied upon a company's stated warranties and assurances to spend hard-earned money on products they reasonably assumed would work as advertised.

When the end result of their purchases turns out instead to be splintered shards and melted components, they understandably take umbrage.

And, quite often, they file product liability lawsuits to address economic harm and personal injury. Samsung is currently on the receiving end of one litigation filing, being the named defendant in a recently filed federal class action lawsuit.

The attorneys at Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller & Shah, LLP, command intimate knowledge of such suits, given the firm's placement nationally as an advocate for consumers and businesses in class-action matters involving large-scale product liability claims from many industries.

Our attorneys have been lead legal counsel in scores of class action filings addressing liability matters that have occurred in states all across the country, just as is the case with the multijurisdictional claims alleged against defective Samsung products.

Any individual or company with questions or concerns relating to a product liability matter might reasonably want to timely consult with an attorney having a demonstrated record of working with clients in this singular practice area.

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