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Dehumidifier Recall Reannounced

The safety concerns related to a recalled product can end up sticking around long after the product is initially recalled. This is because dangerous products are sometimes still in people’s homes or on the secondary market long after they have been recalled. Sometimes, this leads to a recall being reannounced.

This recently happened with a recall involving certain dehumidifiers that Gree Electric Appliances manufactured. The dehumidifiers were sold under various different brands and were sold by various different retailers. They are identifiable by their date code and model number.

These dehumidifiers were recalled due to them posing overheating, fire and smoke risks. There have been around 450 reported fires that the dehumidifiers have been implicated in.

The recall was first initiated back in 2013. It has undergone some updates/expansions since then. Overall, the recall covers around 2.5 million U.S.-sold dehumidifiers.

This week (over three years after the initial recall), this recall was reannounced. Individuals who have one of the recalled dehumidifiers are instructed to cease using the dehumidifier, unplug it and reach out to Gree for a refund. One wonders if the recall reannouncement will end up substantially reducing the number of recalled dehumidifiers still out there.

Why do recalled products sometimes remain in people’s homes long after they have been recalled? One reason is that the right information sometimes doesn’t make it to consumers who purchased the product. They may not be aware that a recall has happened or that the product they purchased is covered under the recall. What do you think could help recall information better get to the consumers who need it?

Another situation in which it can be very important for consumers to have the right information is when they have been harmed by a product. Specifically, it can be important for them to have the right information on their legal options. So, when a product has harmed them, a consumer may want to reach out to a skilled attorney to ensure they have a full understanding of their options.

Source: ABC News, “Recall Reissued for Millions of Dangerous Dehumidifiers,” Stephanie Zimmermann, Nov. 29, 2016

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