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Qui Tam Claims Under the False Claims Act: Yes, They're Effective

We duly note on a relevant page of our website at the national law firm of Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller & Shah, LLP, that our attorneys "have represented clients in a number of significant cases under the False Claims Act."

Pursuing cases under the FCA, we note further on that page, "has proven to be an effective and powerful tool in fighting … fraud perpetrated against the federal government."

As to just how viable the FCA has turned out to be as a fraud-fighting tool for the government since its inception back in 1863 during the Civil War, and materially amended since in 1986, we turn to the U.S. Department of Justice for a bit of elaboration.

The DOJ recently released its annual report on false-claim litigation and related assistance received from so-called qui tam whistleblowers who bolster fraud recoveries through divulging personal inside information concerning unethical and unlawful conduct.

Here's a rather staggering number from that report: In the last federal fiscal year, more than $4.7 billion was collected by government authorities in FCA cases. Reportedly, more than $30 billion has been recovered under the program since it first came into being.

The significance of help received from whistleblowers in uncovering fraud cannot be overstated. The DOJ states that more than 700 qui tam lawsuits were filed by whistleblowers during the prior fiscal year, with those individuals collectively receiving close to $520 million for the valuable assistance they rendered to the public in spotlighting and deterring fraud.

Unsurprisingly, a large chunk of recovered money comes from individuals and companies committing fraud in the health care realm. False claims regarding residential mortgages were also cited as major targets of investigators.

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