For Volkswagen, the product liability woes continue

Truly, it must seem to global auto manufacturer Volkswagen that it is under a perpetual rain cloud. As noted in a recent article discussing just the latest of the German company’s problems, Volkswagen’s troubles “would appear to be endless.”

And of a vast magnitude.

Most of our readers across Connecticut and elsewhere likely know relevant details concerning the huge emissions scandal that Volkswagen executives are still dealing with.

And now there’s this: a most untimely mass recall of automobiles focused upon multiple product liability issues.

There are fires, for one thing, something which understandably seizes any driver with fear. Reportedly, some Volkswagen models have problems with coolant pumps, which can cause potentially deadly engine fires.

And then there is the always terrifying unintended air bag deployment, something that much of the motoring public around the world is already intimately familiar with as the result of many millions of faulty bags manufactured by the Japanese company Takata. Many Volkswagen models are being recalled for corrosion issues that can result in sudden bag deployments (it is not yet known whether Takata bags are involved in this most recent recall).

The federal National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a recall late last month that is applicable to more than 600,000 vehicles operating inside the United States.

Such recalls are something that the proven litigation attorneys of Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller & Shah, LLP, knows much about. As we note on the product liability page of our firm’s website, SFMS “has served as lead counsel in over 100 class actions across the United States,” recovering many hundreds of millions of dollars for clients in those matters.

We welcome contacts to the firm regarding product liability and recall-related questions or concerns, as well as the opportunity to diligently represent clients who have suffered economic harm and/or personal injury linked to safety defects.