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Report: 2016 notably concerning year for defective kids' products

A 12% jump regarding select subject matter relating to America's children can be salutary, indeed, if it is linked with something like collectively improved test scores, an increased immunization rate, lower rates of family-based domestic violence or some other positive development.

That stark upward tick can be instantly alarming, though, when it pertains to any matter focused upon imperiled safety for the nation's youngest demographic.

Children seem to be progressively at risk from their interactions with products sold by manufacturers and retailers, reports a national nonprofit organization, and that is obviously anything but good news.

The group Kids In Danger (KID) recently released data culled from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission indicating that 2016 was a comparatively dangerous year for children, with products they use being recalled for safety defects at a level unseen in well more than a decade.

As to the magnitude of products recalled last year, it is eminently and immediately concerning: Reportedly, nearly 67 million items were taken off shelves across the country owing to the health/safety risks they posed for kids.

Leading the pack, as usual: nursery products.

As KID reports, strollers lose wheels. Sippy cups "grow mold and sicken children." Children nationally suffer severe injuries and, tragically, wrongful deaths from product defects that should simply never happen.

A principal with KID cites a concern that has been recurrently expressed by many commentators on child safety, namely, that "some recalls are still happening too slow and too little is done to get the product out of homes."

Our children in Connecticut and across the country are prized treasures. Product manufacturers and government regulators need to be -- always and unwaveringly so -- steadfastly focused on making best efforts to ensure their safety.

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