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FDA catches illegal ingredients in weight loss products

Many people have a goal to shed a few pounds, especially around the holiday season. Along with exercise and dieting, some people also choose to take supplements to facilitate the process. However, these weight loss products are not without risk.

Although medications must go through government approval before hitting pharmacy shelves, weight loss supplements do not. This means that the ingredients are not as carefully checked for potential side effects. Dangerous ingredients could even slip under the radar and cause major health issues for consumers.

In fact, the FDA recently discovered that several companies used variations of illegal stimulants in their products. Although the FDA already decided that related chemicals were unsafe, the companies continued to make and sell their supplements to consumers. The FDA had not yet tested some of the ingredients to see what the side effects may be or if they are safe enough to sell.

These companies could face product liability charges as a result of using questionable ingredients. Companies are legally responsible for the safety of their products, but consumers can take precautionary measures nonetheless.

Consumers should read the label of a new product to see which ingredients are inside. Many ingredients may not be familiar, so consumers might want to research them online. Still, some companies may use misleading or incomplete labels.

The FDA website also offers a wealth of product information, including approved supplements and unsafe ingredients. In addition, consumers can monitor FDA warnings and recalls to see if researchers discover a new problem. Even when a supplement or medicine gets the green light to be sold in stores, the FDA could learn that the formula is different or that a chemical is actually dangerous in the future.

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