How a business can smartly respond to an employment law concern

Some areas of American law are comparatively accessible and easy to understand. Their subject matter does not spill forth from thousands of legal tomes and entail dense judicial opinions spanning virtually every aspect of human behavior and interaction.

Employment law is not one of those realms. We quickly note that on our website at the Connecticut business law firm of Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller & Shah, LLP. We state therein that the rights and duties of employers and workers “are governed by complex laws and numerous agencies at the state and federal levels.”

That reality demands extreme due care exercised by any business owner of manager dealing with an employment-linked dispute or challenge. Acting precipitously, outside of recognized channels and/or without strong knowledge of relevant policies and standards can reap harsh legal consequences for a company.

Owing to the above-stated reasons and related factors, we additionally note on our firm’s site that “navigating and resolving [employment] conflicts requires legal counsel with a comprehensive understanding of the law.” Moreover, requisite legal knowledge must be coupled by the ability of proven lawyers to pursue a client’s case in any number of legal forums (local, state or federal, and ranging from administrative agencies to courtrooms).

Employment law comes with a “tread carefully” mantra, which is expressly stated in one recent article chronicling the complexity and challenges posed for any company principal responding to a labor-linked dispute. Although that piece logically recommends that a business manager promptly notify a company HR department when an issue arises, it is often the case that a company cannot adequately handle an employment concern in-house.

In such a case, due reliance can be placed on a proven legal team that commands a deep well of experience representing diverse commercial clients in employment matters.