BostonCoach to Pay Class of California Chauffeurs More Than $1 Million

U.S. District Judge for the Southern District of California, Dana M. Sabraw, has granted preliminary approval of a $1.05 million settlement to end a lawsuit accusing limousine company, BostonCoach, of denying its chauffeurs rest breaks and overtime pay.

The class, comprised of hundreds of chauffeurs in Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco, will receive compensation based on the number of weeks they worked for BostonCoach during the class period, which begins March 2014, and the named plaintiffs will each receive up to $5,000.

Judge Sabraw found that the proposed settlement is fair and that the class met all requirements for certification as a class: it is sufficiently large, all members share the same legal question, the experience of the class representatives is typical of the class as a whole, and the class representatives and their counsel will fairly represent the interests of the entire class.

Because the chauffeurs do not have documentary evidence of their missed meals and break periods besides in their declarations, a trial would turn on their credibility. Judge Sabraw believed the parties that the settlement amount is fair when taking into account the “uncertainties” of the class and the “likely length of the proceedings.”

Counsel for the chauffeurs commented they are “thrilled with the court’s decision today and are confident this settlement will be found to represent a victory for Boston Coach drivers.”

The hearing for final approval is set for January 2019.

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