Ending Not Yet in Sight: Unparalleled Air Bag Recall Continues

One name looms largest when it comes to vehicle air bag recalls.

That is Takata, the Japanese bag manufacturer that once was an industry powerhouse, making and selling air bags to passenger vehicle makers across the globe in units totaling scores of millions.

Ironically, it is now scores of millions of bags that are being recalled for dire safety reasons, with additional regulatory mandates steadily upping the number of callbacks.

Most readers of this blog from Connecticut and elsewhere likely know a thing or two about Takata’s massive product liability problem and its unprecedented magnitude. Indeed, it is a virtual certainty that some of them have received official recall notices urging them to take action concerning their own vehicles.

Here’s why. Relevant data sadly indicate that at least 23 people have died from suddenly inflating bags that have spewed shrapnel into their faces and upper bodies. Reportedly, many hundreds more have incurred non-fatal injuries from that inappropriate deployment, which is caused by an inflation-linked chemical that has proven unstable over time.

The recall numbers tied to Takata’s successive and seemingly unending air bag recalls (both domestically and outside the United States) might seem flatly incomprehensible to some readers. It was just recently announced that about 10 million inflators are scheduled for recall in the U.S. this year. Seventy million or more could be recalled before the defective product’s sad story finally comes to an end.

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