Outside General Counsel For Small-To Mid-Size Businesses

Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller & Shah, LLP (SFMS) provides sophisticated representation for commercial and corporate transactions and astute counseling in aspects of forming, operating and evolving a successful business. Our business law attorneys have handled significant transactional works and offer vast experience on a broad spectrum of matters that arise in commercial enterprise.

SFMS acts as outside general counsel for a number of small- to mid-size businesses, as well as certain subsidiaries of overseas corporations. With offices in California, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, we are accessible to clients in many major markets. Our lawyers also travel throughout the United States and beyond when our expertise is sought for complex transactions or business planning. In addition, SFMS teams with Raffaele Scalcione to assist European clients in all phases of business and corporate growth.

General Counsel And Complex Business Transactions

Our attorneys are well-versed in transactional matters and related business matters, including:

  • Capital markers
  • Contract negotiation and drafting
  • Corporate governance and compliance
  • Creation of foreign subsidiaries of U.S. companies
  • Domestic and international joint ventures
  • Employee and independent contractor agreements
  • Entity selection and business formation
  • Executive compensation and severance packages
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Public and private offerings
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Sale or purchase of businesses
  • Sale or transfers of stock
  • Third-party agreements

On the rare occasions when a corporate or business matter requires even greater expertise from a transactional, taxation or other perspective, we work with our clients to identify the best co-counsel with whom to work on that particular matter and with whom we maintain relationships around the world, and then supervise the work of such counsel to ensure that our clients’ needs are met in cost-effective and efficient manner.

Attorney Nick Day is well-known for his acumen in properly and efficiently establishing U.S. subsidiaries and new business enterprises, setting up at least a dozen such entities every year, and handling significant mergers and acquisition matters. He is representative of the experience and caliber of our legal team in transactional law.

Peerless In Efficiency, Value And Results

Since our firm uses a multidisciplinary, team-oriented approach to staffing all business counseling and corporate transactional work, SFMS is able to provide both high-quality services and value for the clients that choose to engage us. In fact, certain clients have apprised us that our efficient and business-minded approach makes us the prudent choice, fiscally and practically, even though SFMS may at times bill at higher hourly rates than other firms. We approach every engagement upon the principles of value billing, rewarding productivity and outcomes as opposed to time spent. Consequently, corporate clients regularly inform us that SFMS provides higher quality and lower cost in comparison to our competitors, both large and small, that work exclusively or predominantly in the area of business counseling and corporate transactions.

To tap our talent in transactional projects or business planning and consulting, contact SFMS to arrange a consultation. To learn more about our representation of Italian and other European businesses, please click here or call 866-540-5505.