Protecting Your Reputation On The Internet

The ability to share information on the Internet has a dark side: the ability to spread false, damaging information. The attorneys of Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller & Shah, LLP (SFMS), represent businesses and individuals in Internet libel and defamation claims. With offices in California, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, our lawyers litigate claims in state and federal courts throughout the United States and internationally.

Businesses and individuals regularly search for information about businesses, products or prospective employees online. Negative information is often given more weight than positive information. It can lead to significant economic losses for a business. For an individual, it can lead to lasting personal and professional harm.

Protecting your reputation online has never been more challenging with the proliferation of so-called anonymous reviews. Anyone with a motive can damage your reputation by posting false or derogatory information about you or your products. Our attorneys represent businesses, executives and individuals in defamation and libel lawsuits involving:

  • Posting negative reviews on websites
  • Posting derogatory information about your business, products or services
  • Posting derogatory information about individuals

SFMS lawyers have successfully litigated Internet defamation cases in court proceedings, arbitrations and other alternative dispute resolution forums throughout the United States and internationally. We are also successful in getting libelous information content removed from websites.

For a discussion of your Internet libel case and to arrange a consultation with one of our experienced defamation lawyers, call 877-891-9880 contact James E. Miller (, Laurie Rubinow ( or SFMS Managing Partner Nathan Zipperian (