Partnership And Joint Venture Disputes

Not every business association is meant to be. Partnerships, professional practices and joint ventures may deteriorate because the underlying business proposition is unsound. But more often they fall apart because of a clash of personalities or egos, one party’s greed, a lopsided arrangement or a widening gulf about the management and future direction of the enterprise.

Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller & Shah, LLP (SFMS) has extensive experience in litigating and resolving internal disputes among owners and investors. We have handled relatively straightforward partnership breakups as well as disbanding of complex, multimillion-dollar and international joint ventures. Our attorneys also provide the insights and solutions to salvage profitable business ventures that are threatened by misconduct or misunderstandings.

With multiple offices strategically located around the United States and affiliated firms around the globe, SFMS handles partnership and joint venture disputes nationally and internationally.

Structuring Buyouts · Litigating Dissolutions · Redrafting Agreements

Our lawyers have dealt with the full gamut of disputes among business partners and business entities in joint ventures. This includes self-dealing conflicts of interest, misappropriation of business opportunities from the joint venture counterpart, embezzlement of funds, unequal division of labor, unequal risk or investment, and any number of disputes.

Sometimes the answer is to renegotiate and restructure the underlying partnership or joint venture agreement to achieve balance or clarity. If the parties are determined to part ways, or if one party is being forced out, we can address the various remedies and aftermath:

  • A buyout of the partner’s stake
  • Dissolution of the partnership or professional association
  • Dissolution of the joint venture
  • Puts and calls on shares
  • Receiverships and asset freezes
  • Valuation proceedings

SFMS was instrumental in resolving a dispute involving the Subway/Walmart joint venture, and we are regularly involved in structuring (or litigating) such large-scale business deals.

To discuss a brewing controversy in your partnership, small business or joint venture, contact SFMS by calling 877-891-9880 today to discover how we can help. We have offices in California, Florida, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and New York, and our attorneys are licensed in several other states.