Was Your Disability Claim Denied?

The attorneys of Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller & Shah, LLP (SFMS), have significant experience representing people whose disability claims were denied. We handle claim disputes under private disability insurance policies, as well as employer-sponsored long-term disability (LTD) plans covered by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

Since disability plans are designed to pay benefits for as long as you are disabled, a significant amount of money may be involved in a denied claim. Our lawyers have handled disability claims for clients who were owed as much as $150,000 per month with annual premium payments in the tens or hundreds of thousands per year. In such cases, disability insurers often crassly deny coverage for their insured. In fact, certain disability insurers are notorious for working to deny valid coverage claims.

Why Were My Disability Benefits Stopped?

Long-term disability plans are more than willing to accept premiums for disability coverage. Unfortunately, once a person files a claim, insurance companies often look for an excuse to stop paying benefits after a short period of time.

Some of the most common reasons given for stopping benefits include:

  • Fraud or abuse
  • The use of illegal drugs or alcohol
  • Willful intent to injure yourself or another person
  • You are able to work at a level that provides alternative sources of earnings
  • You were disabled while working an outside job
  • Your medical condition has improved to the point you supposedly are no longer disabled

If you receive notice that your long-term disability benefits will be terminated, it’s important to seek the help of an experienced insurance lawyer as soon as possible.

Our attorneys have litigated and negotiated claim disputes with many major U.S. insurance companies. To discuss your disability insurance claim with a lawyer, contact SFMS by calling 877-891-9880. With offices in California, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, we litigate disability insurance denials in state and federal courts throughout the United States.