Lawyers Who Defend Accounting And Professional Malpractice Claims

When a business is accused of operating a Ponzi scheme or other type of fraud, the government doesn’t end its investigation with an indictment of the perpetrator. Next, it goes after accounting firms and professionals who allegedly abetted the fraud.

SFMS has extensive experience defending accounting firms and individual accountants concerning accusations of accounting malpractice. With offices in California, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, we defend these cases throughout the United States. In addition, at times, SFMS has pursued claims against accountants for professional negligence, securities fraud and/or aiding and abetting unlawful conduct.

Protecting Your Career And Your Future

If your employer is accused of fraud or other wrongdoing, you may already have spoken with in-house counsel concerning the allegations. However, your employer’s interests and your interests may not be the same. You could face serious personal consequences for the alleged fraud, including fines, jail time and loss of your career.

When the stakes are this high, it’s important to seek advice from your own lawyer before you say anything to investigators. If you talk to investigators without legal representation, you could make statements that are incriminating. If you make a false statement to a federal investigator, you could face a federal prison sentence for what is known as a 1001 charge.

SFMS attorneys are here to protect your reputation and your future through negotiation or litigation in state or federal courts. In addition to defending accountants and securities professionals against criminal charges, we represent professionals before state licensing boards and in FINRA arbitrations concerning alleged securities law violations.

To discuss a government investigation of accounting or professional malpractice or fraud with an experienced attorney, contact SFMS to arrange a consultation.