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135 brokers expected to share in Wells Fargo settlement

To settle a class action lawsuit against Wells Fargo, a deal has been proposed to divide $5.6 million among about 135 brokers. The suit was brought by two brokers who formerly worked at Wells Fargo Advisors LLC, and the case may be of interest to individuals and companies with complex employment agreements involving bonuses and other benefits.

Healthcare provider settles qui tam claim for $25 million

The federal False Claims Act allows individuals, called relators, to bring lawsuits -- qui tam claims -- on behalf of the government, and the relators may collect a portion of any amount of money the government recovers. Since the mid-1980s, the United States government has recovered more than $15 billion through qui tam claims, and that figure continues to rise.

NLRB: Overly broad handbook policies unenforceable

Employers often go to great lengths to protect their company. To do this, they may develop strict workplace practices with which they ask employees to comply. If an employee violates a contract or the requirements set in an employee handbook, there may be grounds to take legal action against the employee.

Is lack of paid medical leave driving women out of the workplace?

Employment law is constantly changing, and one aspect of employment that has lately received increased attention is paid leave. The White House Council of Economic Advisers has reported that paid leave is offered to only 59 percent of employees in the United States, and the U.S. is the only developed country whose federal policy doesn't offer paid maternity leave.

Suit against Walmart seeks class action over toxic exposure

In late August, an Indiana warehouse used to process Walmart merchandise was evacuated because of a toxic contamination, and one worker has brought a negligence claim against the mega-retailer. The lawsuit seeks class action status.

Class action targets major studios over non-solicitation agreements

Serious allegations have been leveled in a class action lawsuit against a slew of major studios and digital animation companies. According to the suit, which was brought on behalf of a former effects artist at DreamWorks Animation, "some of the most recognizable names in the American entertainment and technology industries" conspired to establish "non-poaching" agreements that effectively deprived class members of millions in compensation.

Former Employees Say SpaceX Failed to Notify About Mass Layoff

Employers who fail to give proper notification of a mass layoff could be subject to penalties, including payment of wages the laid-off employees would have received after the required notification of the layoff. Individual workers whose employment has been inappropriately terminated in a mass layoff may bring a lawsuit against the employer on behalf of other workers who are similarly situated. This sort of class action can result not only in compensation for employees' lost wages, but also civil penalties against the employer.

Arguments in whistleblower case to be heard by CT Supreme Court

While whistleblowers are protected under federal laws such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Dodd-Frank Act, some states -- Connecticut, for instance -- have laws that go further than federal law in protecting employees who report corporate wrongdoing. Now the Connecticut Supreme Court is in a position either to restrict or maintain the whistleblower protections that apply on the state level.

Court Grants Preliminary Approval to Settlement in ING ERISA Litigation

On June 3, 2014, the Honorable William G. Young granted preliminary approval of the nationwide settlement reached in Healthcare Strategies, Inc. et al. v. ING Life Insurance & Annuity Co., No. 3:11-cv-00282 (WGY)(D.Conn.). SFMS is lead counsel in this nationwide class action on behalf of 401(k) sponsors that utilize ING as a service provider for their retirement plan.