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Is Snapchat Responsible for How Users Engage with its Mobile Apps?

Have you ever marveled at the seemingly obvious warning labels that adorn some of the common household products you use? While such labels may appear to state the obvious, they exist largely to protect the product's maker from liability. In cases where a company fails to take action to warn individuals who use a product of any possible harm or danger that may arise from its use, a company may be held liable for any resulting harm, injuries or deaths.

Plaintiffs Allege Fraud in Class Action Lawsuits Against Trump University

The country is in the midst of what many contend is the most unexpected and uproarious Republican presidential nomination showdown in U.S. history. The man at the center of all the controversy and fanfare is none other than television reality star and New York City real estate mogul Donald Trump. While Trump's presidential aspirations were initially laughed off by the majority of politicians and pundits, now the clear front-runner in the Republican presidential nominee race, it appears as though Trump may have the last laugh.

Internal memos detail manufacturing errors likely behind Takata's defective airbags

A 52-year-old South Carolina man became the most-recent victim to die after the Takata airbag in his 2006 Ford Ranger pickup truck exploded and a piece of metal shrapnel "pierced his neck." The man's death occurred in December of last year and is the ninth such death to occur in the U.S. that is being linked to the dangerous and defective airbags.

Popular hoverboards have defects, spur products liability suits

Consumers in Connecticut and nationwide have been purchasing a lot of hoverboards over the holiday shopping season. The product is a scooter that runs on batteries and can be used by children generally in the same manner as skateboards. Unfortunately, the news is emerging of a defect in many of these products that causes them to self-combust and start on fire. Instead of the expected gleeful enjoyment of the hoverboards over the holidays and afterwards, there may be a flood of products liability and class action lawsuits seeking injunctive action and damages against the manufacturers of the reportedly defective products.