Dannon Settles Class Action Lawsuit

Fort Lauderdale, FL: In January 2008, a class action lawsuit was filed against The Dannon Company alleging misleading advertising about its Activia® and DanActive® yogurt products. Today, the parties announced that they have reached a settlement, subject to approval by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio, in which Dannon will create a $35 million fund to reimburse qualified consumers up to $100 for products purchased. Additionally, Dannon will make certain changes to its marketing and labeling of these products.

Michael Neuwirth, spokesperson for The Dannon Company, said, “The Company has decided to settle the lawsuit to avoid the uncertainty and expense of further litigation and denies any wrongdoing.”

“Consumers are entitled to honest advertising,” said Jayne A. Goldstein, the lead attorney handling the case for the firm Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller & Shah, LLP.

The proposed settlement covers qualified consumers of Dannon’s Activia® and DanActive® branded products. Dannon is also cooperating with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which is currently reviewing similar claims. The FTC routinely reviews consumer advertising and Dannon is confident the matter will also be resolved soon.

To learn more about the settlement, please contact Jayne A. Goldstein at the following telephone number and e-mail address: Jayne A. Goldstein (1-866-849-7545; jgoldstein@sfmslaw.com).