SFMS Joins Pfizer Qui Tam Suit

SFMS announces that it will be joining a qui tam action against Pfizer, Inc. (“Defendant”) as co-counsel. The case, captioned United States ex rel. Brown v. Pfizer, Inc., Case No. CV 05-6795, is pending in the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, and is being presided over by The Honorable R. Barclay Surrick.

Catherine Brown and Bernard Vezeau (collectively, “Relators”) filed this lawsuit against Defendant under the False Claims Act (“FCA”) based on allegations that Defendant submitted misleading information to the Food and Drug Administration, and concealed critical information in order to gain approval of its antifungal drug, Vfend. Additionally, Relators allege that Defendant engaged in illegal, off-label promotion of Vfend, in violation of the FCA.

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